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Fortune-telling from classic cards – 7 days


Create comprehensible sentences from these words. You may have to add verbs.
You will get a prophecy for the next 7 days.

           Tuesday:   (zítra)
8 of hearts    -   Love or friendship
7 of diamonds    -   Good news
Queen of diamonds    -   A woman with fair hair and light eyes

7 of hearts    -   Jealousy
Ace of clubs    -   Richness
9 of clubs    -   Everything you wish will come true

9 of diamonds    -   An offer
Ace of hearts    -   Home
8 of diamonds    -   A small sum of money

Queen of spades    -   A woman with dark hair and eyes
10 of spades    -   A scandal
Jack of clubs    -   A policeman

10 of diamonds    -   A huge big of money
10 of clubs    -   Mishap
Jack of hearts    -   spiritual

9 of spades    -   Gossip
10 of hearts    -   surprise
King of diamonds    -   A man with fair hair and light eyes

7 of spades    -   Disease
Jack of spades    -   A lawyer
Queen of clubs    -   A woman with dark hair and grey or blue eyes

Discuss :
Anonym Dada
(30.11.17 / 22:25)
I don't understand anything...i have no experience so i can't connect the meaning of the cards...🤔

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