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Crystal ball Yes/No reading

The crystal ball will answer any question that requires a clear answer (Yes/No).
Think of your question and click on the crystal ball...

Beware, you must ask a question you cannot answer yourself,
or a question the final options of which are equally advantageous or disadvantageous.
Eg. "Should I go to the cinema today?" or "Shall I leave earlier?".

Discuss :
Anonym Kristian
(17.12.16 / 02:47)
Am I going to have a girl or a boy
Anonym Kristian
(17.12.16 / 02:45)
(17.10.16 / 22:11)
Will Luke Cossman and I end up dateing in 2016/2017?
(10.10.16 / 11:44)
Am i on the right path?
Anonym J
(21.09.16 / 05:27)
Will you turn me into a healthy sexy teen girl right now I can't find a way and I don't whant surgery only the magic please
Anonym Jenny
(20.09.16 / 08:17)
Will I have a wealthy life?
(13.09.16 / 19:16)
Will shari be in Wisconsin this week end
Anonym Jake
(16.07.16 / 01:12)
Will I get a PS4?
Anonym assfa
(25.06.16 / 23:46)
will l get married
Anonym Tanul Shrivas...
(22.04.16 / 16:39)
Will i pass in my this year board examinations successfully with gud marks

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