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Angelic prophecy


Under the term of Angel some people imagine a material being, others think of an unvisible being and some people have a certain feeling and connection. Angels speak to you through your subconsciousness. Always when you catch yourself thinking silently about something you may be unknowingly talking to angels.

Angels to not cease to protect us and they talk to us always when we need them. It is therefore possible to find answers to out questions through them. How to do it then?

It is important to trust angels, relax and totally submit to them in your mind. Prepare a piece of paper and a pen, a tape recorder or other recording device, so that you could note the answers to your questions as soon as possible after the prophecy.

The best is if you lie down on a bed covered with a unicolour bed spread without any pattern, ideally white because this colour represents purity and it is not disruptive. You should definitely avoid aggressive red and depressive black colour. Leave just a small pillow under your head – to feel comfortable. Relax and try to imagine the path you are following to meet your angels. Talk to them in your mind, silently with your eyes closed. Start slowly and carefully. Then go on to specific questions. The most accurate answers you will get are YES / NO. Ask about anything you are interested in and after every question relax and think of something very pleasant.

If you are sufficiently relaxed and ready you will get a clear answer – as if it came from your mind. Do not worry and go on asking – angels will gladly help you.

At the end of the connection with angels do not forget to return to the reality sowly and carefully, as if you were awakening from a deep sleep. First open your eyes carefully, then sit slowly and finally you can stand up.

The more often you talk to angels the easier and faster it will be. Listen to your inner voice. You never know if angels are talking to you with a very important message.

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