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Willow of wishes and desires


Do not keep your wishes to yourself – a spoken wish is a half fulfilled wish.
If you pronounce your desire you will ask universal energies to work for you. Take therefore the first step and whisper it to our willow!
Beware! – if your wish gets a karma it means that others wish you well. :)

Add your desire
I wish I can have a happy lifesherriKARMA 0
I wish to be married to the man i love so muchKARMA 0
i wish chad would tell me he is in love with mejackieKARMA 0
I wish I will fall in love and have a passionate romantic night with kisses with my true love.ArianaKARMA 0
I wish Todd would love me and marry me .RachelKARMA 0
I wish to have twin girls Abd trite loveRissaKARMA 0
I wish to get married with my fiance & Start a journey with a lot of fun & love for the rest of our life together.KARMA 0
I wish for water power so I can help people around the world get water.NickKARMA 0
I wish to be charmed and happyKARMA 0
I want to win a lot of money.PhyllisKARMA 0
Loved and married to the person that I love with chldren... and Peace in the WorldSarahKARMA 0
I want to be loved and married to the one I love.KARMA 0
My brother should have an effortless work life the way he wants it. I pray for his success tomorrow .KARMA 0
To be successful in relationship and be loved and married.KARMA 0
I need and seek the help of the beyond to make the most of my life what time I have left and let my love of women grow.RAYMONDKARMA 0
I wish for career success and financial stabilityLisaKARMA 0
I wish to have an opportunity to have a creative career that I absolutely love with all my being and finally meet the gukrisKARMA 0
I wish to be in a relationship with the girl I am interested in.EddyKARMA 0
I wish to get all done the business so that we can plan ahead our future together forever and everlasting love.KARMA 0
Loved and married to my sweetheartKARMA 0
Be successful in relationship , business and be happyKARMA 0
for alex to get settled and solve his problemskathKARMA 0
This make my projectMacabitKARMA 0
Dora man to love me and marry me .if it's my ex he comes back this weekKARMA 0
Want to be loved and marriedKARMA 0
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Máte nějaký dotaz?:
Anonym sara
(12.03.17 / 21:27)
to fall in love
(28.02.17 / 20:07)
amor verdadeiro
Anonym Vili
(26.12.16 / 19:28)
I wish to find a job till the end of 2016 year
Anonym Miss d
(04.12.16 / 21:48)
To find true love
Anonym gianna
(13.11.16 / 20:15)
to find a job
Anonym Tony
(05.11.16 / 16:19)
Money,and freedom
(04.11.16 / 17:44)
I wish that Keith will contact me and we will have a long and happy relationship
Anonym jayshy
(04.11.16 / 10:24)
i wish i win $30000 tomorrow in the scratch and win game
Anonym Rubelie
(03.09.16 / 20:31)
I am wishing/hoping to land in that best job, to be stable and happy with my family, to find the man of my dreams! So shall it be...
Anonym Louis
(01.09.16 / 03:27)
I wish to be successful in my chosen career and to be happily married and buy a new home

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