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Willow of wishes and desires


Do not keep your wishes to yourself – a spoken wish is a half fulfilled wish.
If you pronounce your desire you will ask universal energies to work for you. Take therefore the first step and whisper it to our willow!
Beware! – if your wish gets a karma it means that others wish you well. :)

You have already made a wish today...You can save another wish tomorrow. :)
Win a big hug of money to help others.KathleenKARMA 0
to be financially stable and successful in lifeKARMA 0
i wish billionairealethKARMA 0
Win a hugh sum of money!!!KathleenKARMA 0
i want him back in my liferKARMA 0
i wish to obtain financial independancy soonchristelleKARMA 0
I want him back in my life.AnchalKARMA 0
LotteryliliKARMA 0
I want enough money to buy a houseKARMA 0
I would like to.manigest by winning the powerball do thst l csn br eiyh husband and yhe dohs with himKARMA 0
I want to do something very special for someone in future and I will do it with my pleasure!!!For my soulmateKARMA 0
I wish to meet my soul mate soon.KARMA 0
Want to tell someone that im sorry for my mistakes forgive me and accept me if you wish.From u knowKARMA 0
I want to win a huge lottery jackpotShaziaKARMA 0
Ich wünsche mir für alle Menschen ein bedingungsloses GrundeinkommenKARMA 0
To make a Successful, persistent living as a Singer and Songwriter.MarkKARMA 0
I wish to win the lottery jackpotKARMA 0
Desire to be loved and married .KARMA 0
I wish I knew if Mahmoud is coming to marry mePaulaKARMA 0
My futureKARMA 0
make the right choice in love?saraKARMA 0
be magical glowing with healing light from withinlallyKARMA 0
Meet with Harry soon.AliciaKARMA 0
eyes to see and ears to hear and wisdom with which to use the knowledgemichelleKARMA 0
I wish for true lovewesamKARMA 0
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Máte nějaký dotaz?:
Anonym Ron
(23.04.18 / 05:50)
L wish I could serve God in a way few people could.
Anonym cutie100
(10.04.18 / 15:43)
I wish that I could be in a relationship with this boy I'm talking to, and for us to spend some time together.
Anonym lee-lee
(29.03.18 / 21:04)
i wish me and my ex could be friends again
Anonym g
(26.03.18 / 21:40)
I wish tha my ex and I get back together and have a more deeper connection. follow by an engagement,and living our dreams.amen
Anonym Scarlet heart
(19.03.18 / 08:46)
I wish to be happy..like really happy and successful
Anonym Isabel
(09.03.18 / 02:36)
To win the lottery
Anonym Minakshi
(24.12.17 / 17:05)
I wish I achieved the government job in post office in January 2018
Anonym Sunflower ...
(13.12.17 / 12:12)
I wiah that all my best wishes come true-FAST🤗
(09.12.17 / 06:54)
I wish I have a sweet life
Anonym Evita
(02.12.17 / 00:02)
I wish V. F. and me will be together with love forever happily and he would marry me and live with me with God's blessing.

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