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„ Everything negative will leave me alone. ”

Angel card reading


Would you like to talk to angels? Draw an angelic card!

Search the connection between the present, the past and the future. Try not to forget about any seeming little things that then create a coherent answer to your current situation or problem.

It is important to look into angelic cards as into a story of life. If you are not satisfied with your first card you can choose another two cards for the given life situation.

Choose a card:

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(02.04.20 / 02:36)
Vatican Saints LS,
(11.02.20 / 16:54)
Wow! I've thinking about that but I never pursue it.' to enrol on a language course.'
(27.11.19 / 13:52)
All we need is love:)
(21.11.19 / 06:33)
thank you so much , this was exactly what was in my mind.
(20.07.19 / 21:42)
Imran: you dont need it for this reading..
Imran Ahmad
(20.07.19 / 15:34)
I don't know my birthday date