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A phenomenon that appears in countless writings describes a group of twelve Archangels who bring to us twelve rays of spiritual enlightement. These twelve rays are closely connected to the colours of the rainbow, together with their changes and subtones, which have a positive influence on the human body through chakras, interconnected by these rays of spiritual enlightement.

If you manage to tune in these twelve Archangels and their powers and if you harmonize your body and mind with the chakras of your body, you will also manage to balance your overall energy. You will feel more relaxed, happier and more prepared for everything that comes to your way. Some people who have already managed to connect to Archangels pass on the energy to other people, such as fortune tellers or healers.

Immerse yourself to the secrets that the Archangels have kept for centuries. Learn and listen. You can try our interpretation of Archangels Cards.

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A guy / (21.01.20)
Cassiel is literally the president over the fall of kings.

A guy / (21.01.20)
Cassiel is second to lucifer. Cassiel was with lucifer at the fall.

Teagan / (31.10.19)
I am researching this particular archangel for a story that I'm currently writing. I've been tirelessly trying to find another angel/archangel that Cassiel could be close to or have some sort of communication with, but I've come up with nothing. Is there another angel that he works with?

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