Archangel Raphael


Green ray: natural healing, love, delight, understanding

Archangel Raphael
Archangel Raphael

The name of Archangel Raphael bears the meaning “Recovery“. Archangel Raphael offers recovery and unconditional love and he is the guide to all who find themselves in need. He helps us to deal with all changes in our lives. He is very open, entertaining, helpful and i people he evolves a wonderful feeling of understanding. He has a unique sense for everything we, human beings, have to face on our way. Whenever we have a wound to heal we will feel his presence. He sympathizes with us as and old, beloved, close friend. He has an endless understanding for us and he takes care of us with a great sense of humour. Archangel Raphael emanates pure and unconditional love which is the best cure for all the wounds. He is very sociable and open. His sense of humour helps to dispel all the dark things and it brings us closer to the joyful ease of being. Raphale loves to bring health, happiness and joy everywhere he goes. His mission is to heal all the suffering and pain. He will take your worries, fears and anxiety under his wings and he will change them in unconditional love, spiritual understanding, strong health and happiness!

Archangel Raphael is associated with the green ray of spiritual enlightenment. The green ray is most often associated with natural healing and seekinga nd finding harmony. It is also used to treat any kind of phobia and to stabilise the nervous system. The green ray goes through the heart chakra - anahata. The center of the heart chakra, as the name suggests, is in the heart area. The green ray brings calmness and balance. It is a rource of relaxation and it supports personal growth and maintaining harmony. He is able to sooth the suffering ones, ease the pain and relieve tension. You can easily tell whether the geen ray is in balance. You will feel a flood of unconditional, all-embracing love which will go through you and will emanate from every pore of your body so that you could share it with others.

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Colours associated with Archangel Raphael :

Amber, emerald green, turqouise

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Discuss the topic :

A guy / (21.01.20)
Cassiel is literally the president over the fall of kings.

A guy / (21.01.20)
Cassiel is second to lucifer. Cassiel was with lucifer at the fall.

Teagan / (31.10.19)
I am researching this particular archangel for a story that I'm currently writing. I've been tirelessly trying to find another angel/archangel that Cassiel could be close to or have some sort of communication with, but I've come up with nothing. Is there another angel that he works with?

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