Cards? Horoscope? Your blood type will reveal the future!


I recently watched a television documentary on blood groups. From the plethora of information, one thing caught my eye. The point was that, according to Japanese beliefs, a person’s nature is related to their blood type. What do you think it could be? And what will your blood type bring to you? Do you have blood type A, B, 0, or AB? And is it really that important?

I researched a little. In Japan, they believe that blood type has a huge impact on our lives, work, and love. Could you believe that? Imagine that temperament and personality are judged on the basis of it. Can you imagine going on a date or for a job interview, for example, and the first question would be, “What blood type do you have?”

I think there may be something to it. We also say that someone is “hot blooded”, that when someone gets angry, their “blood boils in their veins”, etc. What do you think about it?

And what does your blood type say about you?

  • Group A - Sensitive perfectionists and good team players, but overly anxious. They do not like surprises and are more apt to doing methodical work than creative tasks. As bosses, they are not very efficient. They are good as lawyers, librarians, writers, and accountants.
  • Group B - Cheerful, eccentric, individualistic and selfish. They do not lack creativity. They often call things by their real names and can get into trouble. They are good detectives, journalists, artists, as well as psychiatrists.
  • Group AB - Artistic, mysterious, and unpredictable. Many of them are interested in predicting the future and esotericism. They work well in negotiations, public relations, artistically oriented work, as well as legal positions.
  • Group 0 - They are curious and generous, but stubborn. It is easier for them to make money than to make friends. They do not lack competitiveness, and are good for leadership positions. They are also good businessmen, politicians, or therapists.

Do you also find it so interesting that the number of people with different blood types varies between cities in the world? If we take into account the population in our country, group A predominates with 42% of the population, followed by 38% with group 0, 13% with group B, and 7% of the population with blood group AB. For example, in Japan, about 40% of the population has blood group A, 30% have group 0, 20% have group B, and the remaining 10% have group AB.

What do you think about it? What is your blood type? Do you agree with what it says about you? Does it correspond to you and the people around you?

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