How do the individual signs of the zodiac lie?


Lying is as old as humanity itself. Each of us has lied at some time, whether out of recklessness or good intentions. To lie is a human trait, it’s natural. However, it is not the same for everyone.

You can recognize who is the biggest liar based on the signs of the zodiac.


Aquarius are great at telling funny stories. They love to color their stories, and it doesn’t matter if a little lie creeps into them. Although sometimes their lies are hard to believe, Aquarius can tell them so well that in the end everyone believes them.


Pisces are very sensitive in nature. They take it badly when then find out that someone has lied to them, and they themselves try to avoid any lies. Sometimes, for good reason, they admit to lying, but they are so upset about it that not only does everybody know about it, they are actually really sorry about it.


Aries are not great liars. They have no reason to do it and see nothing positive in it. They can’t even lie, they get nervous, and everyone knows it right away. They consider lies to be an escape from reality, from problems. They like to be clear about everything and are not afraid of unpleasant truths.


Taurus are stubborn and want everything to happen the way they want it to. If they sometimes have to lie about it, they will. It doesn’t happen often, and usually it is a lie that does not hurt anyone, but rather leads them to where the Taurus needs them to be.


Gemini loves the attention of other people. They have a huge imagination, they are constantly explaining something, changing their opinions, so in the end you don't know what the truth is. You can’t say that a Gemini lies directly, they just make things up to draw as much attention to themselves as possible.


Loyal and caring Cancer will only resort to lying to protect you or help you out of an awkward situation. For them, lying is more a means of defending others against injustice. But sometimes they don’t realize that the bad consequences lying can have.


Leo, like Gemini, loves the attention of others. They always try to be the center of attention and are not ashamed to lie. The story they begin to tell may be based on the truth at first, but the end is far from it.


Catching a Virgo lying is almost impossible. They hate lies both from themselves and others. If they find out that someone has lied to them, it will be hard to believe them again. Like Aries, they consider lying to be cowardice and an escape from reality. In order to resort to lies, they would have to have a very big reason.


Libra is a born diplomat. They try to solve everything with grace, and they would only resort to lies in the name of what they consider to be the best. According to Libra, the occasional lie is a necessity, an element of achieving a goal. With Libra, you never know if they are telling the truth or not, their lies are well thought out and have a real basis.


For Scorpio, lying is a game and they are the master of it. However, their lies are never accidental. A Scorpio will first map the terrain, the person, and then invent a lie that is very believable, and is literally “tailor-made” for that individual. It doesn’t surprise anyone who knows a Scorpio, and they don’t believe a word a Scorpio says.


The friendly Sagittarius tries to avoid any lies in their life. They do not like it when someone lies to them, so they don’t want to lie to others. They resort to lying only when they consider it justified and try to help someone through it.


Of all the bad qualities, Capricorns hate lying the most. They do not lie and demand the same from those around them. However, Capricorns are also very skeptical and often accuse people of lying. When a Capricorn decides to lie, they feel very guilty about it.

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