How to get rid of stress according to the zodiac


Literature, articles in magazines, TV shows. Everywhere, we can find advice on how to cope with stress. However, these methods may not be suitable for everyone. But astrology can help us, as we can use it to understand various aspects of our personality.

Find your sign to see what can help you heal your mind, body and soul.


Aquarius gets into stressful situations very often and very quickly. They think about every little thing and, most importantly, take everything too much to heart and relate it to themselves. A long and brisk walk will help them clear their head, preferably somewhere in the countryside; handicrafts are also suitable. Sometimes, a team can help an Aquarius with stress, so they look for activities that they can perform with friends. Trips to the countryside, team games, trekking, but even fishing with a partner will help him deal with stress.


It is very difficult for Pisces to cope with anything negative from their surroundings. Because they are very sensitive, they feel any negative stimulus. They often find themselves stressed, which can result in depression. It can be a great help for them if they can confide in someone. They don’t expect advice or sacrifices, they just need to get it all off their chest. As a Water sign, Pisces will thrive doing anything related to water - swimming, fishing, sailing, but even an ordinary bath filled to the brim with warm water.


Aries tend to exert excessive physical exertion on themselves and they are usually under great pressure. However, the problem arises when they can no longer handle this great physical and mental pressure. They then suffer from burnout, and are unable to do anything; they become irritable, depressed, and sometimes even aggressive. Aries find help again in physical work, but it must be without any stress. Running, walking or working in the garden are activities in which they can relax mentally and get rid of stress. The healing effect can also be supported by soothing foods, such as cheese, tofu, nuts or various seeds.


It is often difficult for a Taurus to cope with change, which can cause them a great deal of stress and even depression. Their stubborn nature can also cause them problems. If the situation develops differently than they intended, it is very difficult for them. If a Taurus is stressed, it is good for them, as an Earth sign, to follow a strict schedule of daily activities, such as sleep or food. But breathing exercises will also help them, and since this sign is associated with the neck area, it is ideal for them to keep it warm and drink hot tea with honey.


Intellectual Geminis often burden their minds with many negative thoughts. This is then reflected in their psyche. They are irritated, every little thing immediately upsets them, and they are not able to settle their thoughts in their head. The key to healing their mind is to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones, with the help of a good exercise program. It can be martial arts, dance or running. Geminis should stay away from anything that damages their lungs, arms or shoulders.


Cancer’s moods are greatly affected by their surroundings. If everyone around them is fine, then so are they. However, if they find themselves in a hectic and stressful environment, it can completely destroy them. As this sign is associated with the stomach, stress may lead to digestive problems. The main thing that will help them is the opportunity to talk to someone. It is not good to keep your emotions inside. Confiding your problems and worries to family, friends or an expert is a good way to heal the mind.


Leos are born leaders. They like to lead and plan everything in advance not only for themselves but also for others. But when things do not go to plan over a long period of time, and they begin to realize that all their plans are falling apart, their relentless energy slowly begins to fade. This can also affect their heart. They can rekindle their lost vitality of life in particular through a healthy diet and physically undemanding work. Vitality is provided mainly by foods high in omega three fatty acids.


Virgo must always have everything in perfect condition, whether it is cleaning, cooking, raising children or working. The great demands they place on themselves, however, result in stress from managing everything. To prevent general exhaustion, which may result in health problems, they should stop and rest for a while. Anxiety can be alleviated through meditation and deep breathing. A stress-induced digestive system can be aided by a diet rich in fiber. Stretching and exercising can help tense and stiff muscles.


As an Air sign, Libra is very prone to mood swings. Even a small thing can make them happy, but at the same time it can have completely the opposite effect. They tend to have a great deal of experience with depression, and their melancholic moods will be of a surprise to anyone around them. Meditation or various undemanding physical activities can help them maintain a balanced psyche. Libra should not keep their problems inside. Confiding in someone they trust will relieve them of their suffering. Their organ is the kidneys, which are best cleaned by drinking plenty of water, to which lemon can be added.


It is almost impossible to know what a Scorpio really thinks, feels or likes, and vice versa. No other sign is so closed in on itself. If a lot of negative feelings and thoughts accumulate inside them, which leads to emotional imbalance. Scorpio is often irritated, with every little thing upsetting them. They also have problems sleeping, which can be helped by eating melon or grapes. Opening up to others and a giving free rein to their emotions is the only solution for Scorpio to get rid of stress.


Sagittarius are calm in nature and few things really drive them crazy. When they get into a stressful situation, they are able to stand up to it. They know what will help them cope with it, they do not hesitate, and they try to get rid of stress as soon as possible. The most effective means for them is exercise, yoga, and meditation. For some Sagittarius, however, it is enough to take a few deep breaths, for others, a plate of good food will immediately clear the clouds away.


Capricorns are ambitious and can work very hard. However, this very often leads to a constant cycle of tasks, which is very much reflected in their deteriorating psyche. It is important for them to find time for rest and relaxation in their busy calendar. They don’t have to search for new hobbies, indulge in sports; all they have to do is sit down, make a cup of coffee, and read something. Handicrafts are also a great relaxation for them, and they can find rest through cooking or gardening.

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