Nine signs that show that you have magic in your soul


Witches have been called evil and wrong for centuries. Few were interested in the fact that there is not only the dark but also the light side of magic. All of the fear people had stemmed from fears of the incredible power harbored in the witch’s soul.

Today’s women with the gift of magic are usually very extraordinary, intuitive and empathetic and can help others with their magical gift. You can tell if you are among them by the following signs.

  1. Your intuition means that you can feel when someone around you is in pain, regardless of whether it is physical or mental pain.
  2. You love animals as much as they love you. Witches are very strongly tied to nature, and therefore their relationship towards animals, but also animals towards them, is very strong.
  3. You remain strong even when others have given up. You are able to solve difficult situations with a calm head, and you don’t give up easily. On the other hand! You can fight hard, and yet with dignity.
  4. You are able to empathize with the position of other people and understand their point of view and the resulting worries and joys they may experience. Witches are very empathetic.
  5. People often confide in you. They share their innermost feelings with you. As if you have drawn them to you.
  6. You can advise people on their difficulties. You find the answer to almost every question. Magical people are full of wise words and good advice.
  7. You prefer harsh truths to merciful lies. A witch never lies. Harsh or kind – you always tell the truth.
  8. You are drawn to nature. Magical souls are pilgrims who find peace and draw energy from trees, stones and everything else that surrounds them in nature.
  9. You prioritize the needs of others over your own. Witches are selfless. They often neglect their own needs for the good of others.

What do you think?:

Anonym paul klausen jr / (15.09.22)
oune thig paul

Anonym Dina / (18.06.21)
I am a witch, i fit in all the signs.

Anonym Abida / (01.06.21)
Num 1 right. Now what can i do

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