Pisces doesn’t get jealous, Scorpio too much. Jealousy and the signs of the zodiac.


Jealousy. Each of us has it inside us, and it is sometimes very difficult to control. Even if we try to listen to reason and strive not to get carried away by its power, we can never completely overcome it. Some are less subject to jealousy, others more, and there are those who let it destroy them.

The extent to which jealousy controls you or your loved ones is also determined by your date of birth.

See how jealous the individual signs of the zodiac are.


Aquarius does not like disputes and always tries to resolve everything as quickly as possible, and preferably in a peaceful manner. They are not extremely jealous, but if they have reason, they cannot avoid these emotions either. However, they do not make jealous scenes and they try to solve the problem as soon as possible, even though the solution may be painful.


Pisces are very rarely jealous due to their compassionate nature. Basically, they do not feel jealousy at all, they do not deal with it and do not understand it. Sometimes, however, due to their attitude, it may seem that they are not really interested in you, because occasionally a little jealousy can be proof of affection for others.


Aries is passionate and moody. They are very much influenced by their emotions, and often act very impulsively. Aries are not extremely jealous, but when they are, they act quickly and without thinking. At that moment, they literally become “animals” and it is better to get out of their way.


Although Taurus tend to be insecure, they are not extremely jealous. In heated moments, they can be patient and prudent enough to know that there is no point in getting carried away by emotions. If they do become jealous, they must have a really good reason for it.


Gemini, the twins, is a very contradictory sign. You never know what to expect from them. Sometimes they are not jealous, even if they have good reason to be, then other times they will make a jealous scene without cause. Life with a Gemini is like riding a roller coaster, so you just have to get used to it.


Cancer is strongly controlled by jealousy, but at the same time they can hide it well, so you don’t necessarily recognize it on them. They suppress their jealousy until it literally clouds their mind and they are no longer able to think about anything else. Then there is an explosion, which in most cases does not end well for them.


Leos are passionate and they let their emotions run free. Although they are able to keep some of them under control in certain situations and cope with them, when it comes to jealousy the opposite is true. If their partner pays attention to someone or something else more than them, there will be no shortage of jealous scenes.


Virgos tend to be very critical of themselves, which is related to their type of jealousy. They have no problem with their relationship, but if someone is better at something, Virgos will be consumed by jealousy, which leads to a relentless struggle with the person in question, without them even knowing about it, which can often turn into a conflict.


Libras have one great feature. Understanding. They know that things will not always be as they would like, and people will not always behave as they should. Jealousy is a rare thing for them. Libras strive to balance and sensibly justify everything. They don’t like confrontation or conflicts, so if they are jealous, you will definitely not recognize it in them.


Scorpio is one of the most jealous signs of the zodiac. They do not tend to trust people and their lack of faith and misconceptions about people often lead to false and jealous accusations. They find it difficult to hide their jealousy and it radiates from them even when they are standing next to their partner in silence.


Sagittarius are very optimistic people. They do not allow any problems and they look at the world through rose-tinted glasses. As a result, they often fail to see anyone hurting them. Only a really strong impulse forces them to take their glasses off, whereby they are literally engulfed by all of their emotions, including jealousy.


Capricorn is a fine example of self-control. They keep their emotions, including jealousy, well under wraps and are reluctant to show them to anyone. For others, they may sometimes seem like they are cold as ice, but on the other hand, this has certain advantages. If your partner is a Capricorn, you don’t have to worry about them making jealous and embarrassing scenes, either at home or in public.

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