Ten warning signs that a person nearby is full of evil


It is very difficult to know whether true evil is lying dormant inside someone. You can meet an evil person at anytime and anywhere. It is difficult to determine exactly what properties they must have in order to consider them as being evil and dangerous.

True evil is hidden very deep, sometimes it may not come to the surface, but if it does reach there, it is certainly good to recognize it.

There are certain warning signs that can help us distinguish an evil person.

1. They enjoy the suffering of others.

Evil people don’t try too hard to hide the fact that they enjoy the suffering and the bad feelings of others. They become really dangerous the moment they themselves lead others into misery so that they can enjoy their suffering.

2. They try to control everything.

Evil people have one thing in common – the desire to control not only every aspect of their lives, but also the lives of others. To let such a person become close to you is the road to hell. Their objective is to control the minds of others, so they exert psychological pressure on them until they literally make them their slaves.

3. They are masters of lying.

Each of us lies sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we are all liars. A liar is a special type of person. They lie constantly often without even realizing it. If a liar is also an evil person, then they become very dangerous. Lies form their reality, which they bend as they see fit, they feel stronger because of lies. They manipulate the truth to their advantage and do not care if it hurts anyone.

4. They make you feel uncomfortable.

Everyone is surrounded by an energy field. Why this is so, is not entirely clear, but it may act as an intuitive defense system against others. Evil within a person must somehow manifest itself on the surface even without them consciously knowing about it - it is reflected in their energy field. That is why some people make a special impression on us, they make us feel strange, uncomfortable, sometimes even scared, without us knowing why. The negative energy field around a person is one of the main signs that great evil is dormant inside them.

5. They never feel regret.

Regret. A word that evil people definitely do not have in their vocabulary. They never regret anything they cause. They have no remorse. All they want to do at all costs is maintain the life they have created through their reckless behavior, manipulation of others and the psychological terror of those around then. They create a picture of a “perfect” life, and any excuse, confession or repentance would destroy it.

6. They are sly.

Sly. Some people excel at it. It can be a way for them to get under the skin of their loved ones and control them. Evil people are often the victims of the prisons they have built around themselves, they are frustrated by it, and therefore they enjoy the misfortune and pain of others. They try to suppress the pain that each of them has inside their hearts. But that certainly does not justify their actions or their behavior.

7. They feel no responsibility.

Evil people have no moral compass. They will do what they want, and they will never feel responsible for the pain they cause others. If they do start to feel any guilt, they direct it elsewhere.

8. Their loved ones warn you about them

Have you ever been warned about someone by a good friend or even a relative? Did you take it seriously? Maybe you did. Family and close friends know a person best, and if they advise you to avoid them, then they certainly think well of you.

9. They make you a worse person

One of the worst effects of a relationship with an evil person is that without you even realizing it, you become more and more subject to them and become like them. The worst thing you can do to another person is manipulate them emotionally. Evil people are masters at that. Don’t let them drag you through the mud.

10. They deliberately create conflicts

Creating conflicts, trying to divide people and using the chaos to your advantage is one of the greatest pastimes of people in whom evil has settled. The more scared and insecure a person is, the more power evil people have over then. Try not to fall into their trap. No matter what happens around you, keep a cool head.

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