The 4 greatest cheaters, according to the signs of the zodiac


It is the wish of all of us to find the right partner to live with. Unfortunately, finding them is only half the battle. According to astrologers, a certain group of people are destined to attract more partners.

Allied souls come in all possible forms. Even best friends provide us with some form of lifelong partnership. If you manage to fall in love with one of them, then you will gain a love that transcends two relationship levels.

It is common for us to fall in love with a single person, with whom we want to follow a common path through life. However, there is a group of people born in four zodiac signs who are able to experience an equally strong outburst with several partners, on several different levels, and in such a relationship, conditions can become quite difficult for us. Who are in this group?


Gemini is not unambiguously monogamous and is likely to be attracted to more than one person at a time. This is because they have twice as many personality traits as usual, so they may be interested in several different partners. The same is true conversely. Geminis have something to offer to twice as many people. They are very sociable, which only helps them in meeting new people.


Libras spend their whole life seeking balance, but love tends to outweigh the scales on one side. This opens more than one path to love for Libras. Their ability to empathize deeply with others and enter into more meaningful relationships opens up opportunities for them to find more than one soul mate at a time. So, until their relationship becomes serious, they may leave the gates open for others.


Scorpios appear mysterious, as if they aren’t even interested in love, but appearances are deceiving. When they meet someone who catches their eye, they grab them and won’t let go. They long for intense experiences in a deep, meaningful relationship. Unfortunately, they also carry deep-rooted fears of losing excitement and the arrival of a stereotype, so if someone else shows up who is interested in them, they are able to fully engage with two or more partners at the same time.


The emotional intuition of Pisces is at such a high level that they are able to maintain a very deep and intense relationship on several levels with several people at the same time with a complete overview. Pisces often realize that there may not be just one ideal partner for them, so they like to be careful and open to everything that comes their way. Until they are 100% sure that they have found the ideal relationship, they keep other options open and cared for.

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