The most tested signs


From time to time, each of us pulls the short straw, and gets into slight adversity. There is nothing wrong with that in itself. That’s the way life is, sometimes we are up and other times we are down.

Do you sometimes feel that bad thing happens to you more often? That you’re tested more than others? It is quite possible that you are right!

Here is a list of the TOP 3 most tested zodiac signs.


The greatest stumbling block for Aquarius is the risk of a conflict emerging when their strong energy clashes with someone else’s energy. They may often feel that they have to make a much greater effort than others, especially at work and in their careers, that they don’t get anything for free and also that everyone else is against them. But the same energy that gets Aquarius into trouble and forces them to take on more than others also drives them forward, giving them the strength that others often lack.


They have style, flair, and undeniable charm. But they also have hard-to-control passion, a free spirit, and a fair decree of stubbornness, thanks to which they often get into trouble. They often perceive relationships as being the more complicated part of their lives. If you are a Gemini, do not lose heart. The combination of eloquence, charisma, and the art of dealing with people is your strength, and will help to extinguish many fires.


Sagittarius is the most impulsive sign of the zodiac, with very changeable and fiery energy. It is very difficult for them to obey the rules and the requirements of others, especially if they seem pointless to them. It is also not uncommon for them to explode and show exactly what they think of such rules and expectations. Fortunately for Sagittarius, as well as for other signs, the signs of the zodiac are often naturally attached to them, which has an anti-stress effect on them. Sagittarius is able to brilliantly utilize their energy for extra power and determination, and, therefore, they are often very successful in the end.

Don’t lose your head if you are one of the three most tested signs of the zodiac. It is no coincidence that the people who are most often exposed to the pressures of their surroundings, and life does not embrace them, are also the strongest. Remember that you can always bounce back, nothing is as bad as it first seems, and that there is always a way out of every precarious situation.

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