The signs can reveal when enough is enough in a relationship...


It has long been known that opposites attract, it is an old cliché. Often when there are mutual opposites, this can benefit a relationship. These are conflicts that often give rise to funny reactions that surprise and that you even enjoy, even if they are not exactly to your liking and you would never start them. But sometimes the familiar old “enough is enough” also applies. Did you know that everything depends on your sign? What may be okay for an Aquarius, could be an insurmountable obstacle for a Cancer , which may even cause the end of a relationship.


Aries love to laugh, they love to tease, which may hurt people with a more sensitive disposition. But if an Aires feels that you have moved them from number one to the end of your list, then they will start to look for new, greener, pastures. Remember that an Aires must be first in all circumstances, whether it is a triathlon or gaining your attention in love. Never compare an Aires with your previous partners either in a negative or even positive sense. They would never forgive you for it.


You should never lie to a Taurus. They are the most honest of the honest and they expect the same from you. It is advisable to deal directly with a Taurus, never to hide anything, unless it is a birthday surprise, such a little lie would certainly be forgiven by a Taurus. A Taurus has very sharp instincts, they can very easily sniff out a lie, so don’t waste any energy making up stories. You don’t have to tell a Taurus everything, you have a right to keep secrets. But when it comes to a big thing, like meeting someone else and then lying about it, it can have far-reaching consequences for your relationship.


Gemini would share everything with their other half, which can often border on obsession, and the worst thing that can happen to them in a relationship is that they are left in the dark. Its enough to leave them on the fence, Gemini will then ask themselves questions like: What do they really think? What did they mean by that? Such questions can bother a Gemini for a very long time and even excruciatingly, they can even lose sleep over them. So if you want to maintain your relationship with a Gemini, deal with them on a level playing field, don’t let them drown in unanswered questions. Besides, Geminis value their freedom very much, so if you are too possessive, that won't benefit your relationship either.


Hurting a sensitive Cancer is an unforgivable sin. Unfortunately, a Cancer is very easily hurt, because this sign takes everything too much to heart. They can shrug off the fact you don’t like their clothes, but they will definitely never forgive you if you forget about their birthday or ignore them at a party. A Cancer needs to feel tenderness, which they will willingly return. If you hurt them just once, they may hide into their shell and never look at you again.


Leos need a partner to make them look good. So when you’re together, always try to be at your best. Never try to embarrass them in public or in front of close friends. Also, be careful not to hurt their pride by, for example, flirting with an old friend. Make your partner feel that they are the dominant partner in the relationship, although this may not be true. Leos need to feel this.


Virgos are very sensitive to hygiene, so this that can cause the breakdown of a relationship. At least two showers a day and regularly brushed teeth are a must for Virgos. They will expect the same from their partners. So if you are not clean, Virgos will not feel good with you. Cleanliness is truly holy for Virgos, so if you are not lazy and have no problems with cleaning you will be on to a winner with a Virgo.


No one is more attuned to human tenderness than a Libra. Therefore, insensitivity and rudeness can seriously offend them. Fairness and harmony are almost everything for this sign. If you can’t be gentle, you should learn how to be for the sake of your love. You will also make a Libra happy if you can express gratitude or apologize sincerely.


The most unforgivable sin you could commit against a Scorpio is to betray their trust. This is due to their past, because they were often betrayed. However, Scorpios are often to blame for this, they usually lead a person to do it themselves. They may accuse you of something for so long that in the end it really catches up with you.


Never try to hold a Sagittarius back. They hate it when someone tries to own them, when their partner is too jealous and constantly wants to know where they are, who they are with and what they are doing. Their kind nature, which you love so much, can very quickly change if a Sagittarius starts to feel trapped. You should trust a Sagittarius, even if they come home late or are out somewhere having fun without you. If you decide to control them and step on them, it will eventually come back to haunt you.


Just because a Capricorn doesn’t like to show their feelings, it doesn’t mean you can’t hurt them, especially when it comes to their pride. So never do anything that could spoil their image. This applies, for example, to discussing your private life with colleagues or friends. Capricorns need to think carefully before making important decisions. Therefore, never force a Capricorn into making a quick decision. They may feel too much pressure, which is something Capricorns do not like, and it may result in a breakdown of the relationship.


Aquarius are often staunch environmentalists, so don’t even try to throw candy paper out the window, for example. Likewise, animal cruelty can directly destroy them. Aquarius often have many friends, with very different personalities. You have to learn to respect their friends, even if they don’t like you. Do not try to hold an Aquarius back in any way, because this sign loves its freedom.


Pisces is a very kind sign; they love to give gifts to others. Never try to abuse their kindness. Pisces need to feel that they are not the only one in the relationship. So if a Pisces invites you to dinner at an expensive restaurant, in return, prepare a really delicious meal for them at home. If, on the other hand, a woman Pisces often cooks at home, help her with the dishes, for example, or you can cut the onions for her, so she doesn’t cry so much.

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