The signs of the zodiac will reveal your most secret fears


Each of us has hidden fears. Often, we don’t even know about them, and they appear when we least expect them to.

On the contrary, we know about some of our fears, and we try to do everything we can to not let them out. After all, they are also common to the signs of the zodiac.

See what the stars have predetermined for you.


Aquarius spend their life trying to avoid any type of institutionalization. They suffer from a kind of claustrophobia relating to institutions and commitments, be they the kindergarten, office, hospital, but also marriage. They regard all this as intellectual imprisonment and hate the thought of subscribing to any “group thinking”.


Pisces live in their fantasy world, in which they never intend to grow up. Pisces were given the gift of endless creativity, hand in hand with the complete inability to cope with everyday life. Fear of stereotypes, work or family responsibilities is often the reason why some people of this sign turn to addiction.


Aries are warriors. They often fight not for victory, but because they have a strong urge and simply have to fight. Fighting is part of their lives. Their opponent is often the person they love, even though the only thing that is more frightening for Aries than fighting disease is that they lose a friend. Unfortunately, they do not realize it until it’s too late.


Taurus loves peace and comfort. Whether it’s good food, friends, new furniture or just what contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. It’s more than just prioritizing comfort – it’s a deep need. But, because this costs something, Taurus keep a close eye on their money, and if their bank balance goes down, they panic at the changes it will bring to their life.


Gemini change their decisions, opinions and promises like their socks. This makes them great manipulators because they change their attitude so often that you forget what they originally told you. But with that comes the dark side, their weakness, and for this sign it is the fear of decision-making. Gemini is symbolized by twins, their personality has two different sides, which are in constant conflict with each other. The moment one makes a decision, the other begins to share their, mostly opposite, opinion.


Cancer often suffer from agoraphobia. They want to remain in their safe zone, in a place where no one can hurt them. The irony, however, is that although agoraphobia is defined as “fear of public spaces that would be difficult to leave or run away from”, people who suffer from it are even more afraid of being locked up. They often prefer not to leave the house, but the isolation they create arouses the same fear in them.


Leo must be seen all the time and everywhere. A great fear for them is the loss of prestige and popularity. They would never admit that it could happen, their confidence would not allow it. It is all the more difficult for them to realize that they have suddenly become one of the crowd, and they do not know how to stand out from it again. Knowing that they are basically the same as other people is a nightmare for them.


Having everything perfectly planned, tidy, organized is the basis of a happy life for a Virgo. They are very committed to making everything perfect. Even a little disorganization in their personal or working life can evoke feelings of despair that they can’t cope with. Although they are consciously afraid of how they will affect others, what they are really afraid of is their inner imperfection.


Intelligent, loving, passionate people, Libras are good romantic partners. Subconsciously, they do everything to ensure that they are never abandoned, they try to meet the needs of their partner, family, and friends in everything, and they often make big concessions. Nothing scares them more than the thought of spending their lives alone.


Scorpios are very closed and complex people. Although it may not seem like that, they are one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, but they hardly express their feelings at all. Scorpio’s sensitivity is paralyzing. The fear of abandonment and loneliness on the one hand, and the fear of dependence on someone else and excessive intimacy on the other hand, often forces them to break up with their partner.


Sagittarius is an explorer by nature. They love traveling and are constantly searching for personal truths. They are like a wild horse. Their greatest fear is also related to their nature - a certain degree of claustrophobia, either from enclosed spaces or daily duties that limit them. Nothing frightens them more than any impediment to their freedom.


Capricorns are very ambitious people. They are workaholics and are able to sacrifice anything for their work. They long for recognition and career advancement. It is no wonder, therefore, that they have a deep-rooted fear of failure. This fear is also what often hinders them in exactly what they want to achieve.

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