The stars will tell who will betray you and who you can trust


Trust is a complicated matter. It is difficult to gain, and easy to lose. Often everything you have built together for months or even years can be erased in a single moment.

The stars can help you decide who you can trust and, conversely, who to watch out for.


Capricorn is more of an exception these days. They would rather come to you and tell you an unpleasant truth than talk bad about you.


Aquarius are curious and like to gather information about others, even at the cost of sometimes having to talk about them behind their backs.


Pisces like it when people take care of them and often try to artificially arouse regret. If someone doesn’t give them what they want, they have an urgent need to take revenge.


Aries are very competitive and determined. Don’t be fooled by their apparent friendship. In order for them to succeed, they are sometimes willing to reduce themselves to slander.


Taurus is a very calm sign in this regard. They will not betray you, they will not talk about you, and even if you hurt them, they will never feel the need to take revenge on you.


Gemini are very friendly and often cling to their surroundings more than usual. That’s why you don't have to worry about being betrayed. They never know when they might need something from you.


Cancers are careful and afraid to make unnecessary bonds and friendships. They are scared of betrayal, hypocrisy, and conflict. That’s why they don’t try to cause anyone to hurt anyone else.


Leos are a strong ally, but also an inventive enemy. They like to control the flow of things around them, so they are not afraid to reach for slander and manipulation.


Virgos are sensitive and wise. They do not need to be surrounded by many people. All they need is a few loved ones, who they in return take care of with love, and they would never betray them.


Libras are non-conflicting and friendly. Even so, be careful with them. It often happens that they do not tell the whole truth.


Scorpios sometimes live more of an illusion than reality. It is difficult for them to know what they say is true and what is fiction. That’s why people often believe them and then they are disappointed and find it hard to find a way back.


Sagittarius are sensitive and often anxious. Lies and hypocrisy cause unpleasant feelings in them, so you can be sure that you will not expect such behavior from them.

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