Watch out for these three signs, they can lie!


Each of us lies from time to time. Sometimes it is a white lie, other times an eloquent lie. The frequency with which we turn to lying is different for everyone. It is based on how often we are forced to reach for such an evasive maneuver, what the situation or the motivation is, but also, and often it has the greatest impact, what sign of the zodiac we are.

Some of us are more likely to be better liars than others. It doesn’t have to be just about frequency, but also about how easy it is for us to lie, how convincing, believable, and natural we are, but also how easily our conscience copes with lying.

The signs in question today, which by their very nature are the best of the liars, can often have all of these “disciplines” under control. They can lie in such a way that you don’t doubt them. They can also lie so often that they slowly start to get lost in the lie themselves and most of the time it doesn’t bother them at all. So, who are at the very top?

1. Scorpio

You will probably not be surprised that the number one spot belongs to the most hot-blooded sign of the zodiac - Scorpio. With Scorpio, you can never be sure about anything. They are wonderful actors, they have excellent persuasive skills, and they can act so seriously that it is impossible to doubt them.

In their defense, however, it is necessary to say that they themselves often live so intensely occupied in their own imaginary world that they do not know the boundaries between what is true and what is a lie. They seldom purposefully lie to hurt someone. Mostly, it’s more of a defensive maneuver.

2. Gemini

Gemini lags slightly behind Scorpion when it comes to lying. They seldom achieve the qualities or persuasiveness that Scorpios have. But what they are very good at is the ability to manipulate.

A Gemini is a great companion and that is why we often forgive them for their innate indisposition of their immediate surroundings.

3. Pisces

Pisces is a good example of how devilish thoughts can be hidden under an angelic exterior. If Pisces comes across something they really want, they are not afraid to lie to get it. They are so convincing that they also often succeed in their intention.

Although Pisces knows exactly how to achieve their goal, they do not always come to terms with it internally. Conscience is what often spoils their happiness at achieving such success.

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