We only fall in love three times in a lifetime. We know why!


How many times have you been in love? The answer can vary - from “never” to “a million times”. However, this is not about ordinary falling in love, but about love that will last a lifetime. A love that is never forgotten.

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who managed to meet a soul mate for the first time or for the second time. If you’ve made your third attempt and you’re still looking around, then don’t lose heart. You probably haven’t met someone who’s ready, just like you.

First love: Beautiful and unexpected

Do you remember it? The first kiss, a beautiful warm feeling in your heart, the desire to stay forever.

First love is very strong. It brings us a sense of knowing what love is.

Some experience it in high school, some sooner, and others later. It can stay with some forever, but for most of us, unfortunately, as we grow up, we gradually grow out of it. We begin to have different priorities, and so we slowly move away from our first love, which we thought would last forever.

First love is important. It teaches us who we are, and what we expect from our partner in the future.

Second Love: Enriching

When we embark on real life, we find our first job, we move away from our parents, we look for excitement, we try different things, and we meet new people. It is at this stage of our lives that we find someone special and fall in love.

Second love is completely different to first love. The situation has changed, and we suddenly have other needs. We search for greater understanding and better harmony. Falling in love comes for completely different reasons than with first love.

Unfortunately, even this love does not last forever, because we are still too young, and we are not yet completely clear about what we expect from life and our partner. Love slowly begins to fade under the weight of the enormous demands that begin to be placed on our life and which we are still trying to understand.

Second love teaches us what it means to be in a relationship, the need for compromises, the limits to which we are prepared to do anything for someone else, what we can and cannot expect from a partner, and also what happens when such love disappears. But what teaches it us the most is what it means for us to be in love.

Third love: The one that lasts

Third love is the last love for most of us. The time has come when we are ready for a relationship and everything it brings. We already have a stable place at work and in our personal life, and we more or less understand what we expect from our partner.

We are ready. We have matured and we know how to deal with possible fluctuations. At that moment, we expect that our partner has reached the same stage, so everything fits together smoothly and effortlessly. Because we are able to fall in love and understand each other, love grows and changes into its purest form, in which it often remains until we grow old. With the third love comes the magic we’ve been waiting for all along.

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