What are mothers like based on the individual signs of the zodiac?


Do you want to have a child one day, or you are expecting a baby and you are afraid of how you will manage your new role as a mother? The stars will help you find the answer. See whether they think you are a good mother.


Patience. This accurately describes Aquarius mothers. They can remain calm in any situation, whether the child is angry or ill. Admirably, she calmly explains everything to the child and answers one question after another. Sometimes, however, she forgets that actions are sometimes better than words.


Sensitivity. Her child will experience immense love and care. She will live through every situation with it, both happy and sad, and often cannot control her emotions. In some situations, however, it is necessary to keep a cool head and realize that an excess of love and care can have the exact opposite result than she wishes.


Pugnaciousness. A Pisces mother fights for her children to the last breath and will do everything for them. But be careful they do not try to take advantage of this over time. They support their children’s self-confidence, fearlessness and the strength to face all of the pitfalls in life. These are qualities for which they will one day be very grateful.


Stubbornness. Aries are simply stubborn when it comes to their children. Mothers born in this sign love their children infinitely, but at the same time hold a firm hand over them. They have to earn everything, and they don’t get anything for free. Due to this, they will grow into purposeful and hard-working individuals.


Purposefulness. Mothers born in the sign of Taurus fight hard for everything in their lives, and they teach their children to do the same. They are guided from an early age to achieve what they want. Sometimes, however, they place too high hopes on their offspring and the result is quite the opposite.


Creativity. With a Gemini mother, children are never bored. From morning to night, they create a schedule for them, invent games and try to entertain them. They don’t like idleness, so the whole family is a single circle. Occasional boredom and doing nothing, however, is not harmful, children also need time for their ideas. Therefore, they should give space not only for their children but also for themselves.


Enthusiasm. Leos throw themselves headfirst into everything, and it is no different with mothers born in this sign. They are not particularly prepared for their role as a mother and take everything as it comes. They think of their children more as partners, with whom they do everything they can think of, until little sense remains. However, their children will grow into fully independent personalities.


Considerate. This quality completely characterizes mothers born in the sign of Virgo. They carefully prepare for the arrival of their baby; they have everything ready. The baby and caring for it become their world and they are basically not interested in anything else. However, it is good to disconnect from your child from time to time. Go out to the cinema, or the theater and trust other people to take care of your baby just as well.


Carefree. Scorpio mothers are totally carefree. They give their children a lot of freedom; if they spill flour on the floor or paint on the living room wall, they will definitely not get angry. They take children as they are and stopping them from doing something or punishing them has no place in their family. Sometimes they may act like irresponsible mothers to people around them, but they love their children infinitely, protect them and give them everything they need.


Protective. Constant worry and fear for their children leads a Cancer mother to take certain protective measures. In the home, you will probably find all of the protective measures against accidents, and her children are probably wearing protectors even when are playing in the sand. It is necessary to realize that a minor injury here and there does not matter. The child becomes more careful and will avoid a similar situation next time.


Happiness. Having a mother born in the sign of Libra means a happy childhood. Such a mother is constantly laughing, inventing fun games and nothing puts her off. However, occasional strictness would certainly not harm the child, otherwise it may happen that they grow up too fast and you can no longer cope with them.


Responsibility. A Capricorn mother takes her motherhood very seriously and everything must be perfect and just as it should be. She will constantly monitor whether the child is growing properly, and whether it knows what it should at the corresponding age. However, it is necessary to realize that each child is an individual and it is necessary to take it for what it is, and not to worry that the child next door is already walking, and that crawling is enough for the time being.

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Anonym Delilah / (30.12.22)
So do you know why the cancer acts like that??, well it has to do with the moon, for you see the moon (also called mother) has been a mother to the stars for ever since the world was born, and she wants the stars to be safe up in the sky, thus using this for a cancer because they are ruled by the moon, but this also means that she might have emotional feelings and stress, because she has never took a break.

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