What character traits are predestined by our zodiac signs


We all have our good and bad qualities. Some are obvious on the surface, and some are hidden inside. Likewise, the characteristics of the signs of the zodiac are not unambiguous. The qualities of the ascendant can be hidden inside, and the qualities of the descendant are perceived by the surroundings on the surface.

The fact that someone is born in a certain sign does not mean that they will act in a certain way; on the contrary, they can act more as a sign in its descendant. Therefore, it is good to perceive good and bad qualities according to both aspects. Understanding each sign can also make it easier for us to know which element is affecting it.


Water is a feminine principle, which mainly symbolizes emotions. Positive qualities are modesty and kindness, it provides refreshment and calmness. Negative qualities include emotional instability, mood swings, and coldness.
Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio


Fire symbolizes a masculine principle; it is a creator and destroyer at the same time. The creative part warms, creates, shines, whereas the destructive part brings destruction and recklessness.
Signs: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius


Earth represents a feminine principle, birth, growth, stability, and on the contrary, unwieldiness, a closed nature and coldness are the negative qualities.
Signs: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus


Air is a masculine principle, symbolizing intellect, thinking. In the positive sense it brings movement, strength, knowledge, in the negative sense moodiness and insincerity.
Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Hidden character traits of the individual signs


Aries are hotheaded by nature, people in the sign of Aries are determined, proud, hardworking, they firmly pursue their goals, but at the same time they are noble, honest, they can be passionate and gentle. On the other hand, their determination can grow into aggression, sometimes they can go “over-the-top”, they gamble unnecessarily, and they can be undisciplined and hot tempered.


They are mostly melancholic, Taurus are practical, determined, committed, and they have their own drive. They have highly developed intellectual abilities, which are closely related to their practicality, strong will and determination, they tend to be resolute, patient, responsible and tolerant. On the other hand, they can also be unsociable, pessimistic, paralyzed by a great fear of failure and misery.


Gemini tend to have a sanguine nature. Due to the fact that Gemini is a changeable and nonchalant sign, it is the least stable sign of the whole zodiac. Gemini are clever, receptive, selfless, and often find satisfaction in spirituality. At the same time, they are able to adapt quickly to any situation and conversation with them is never boring. However, they are ironic, domineering and often irritated.


They are phlegmatic, and tend to be family-orientated, full of feelings and tenderness, they would do anything for the family. Some are prone to the Bohemian way of life and are attracted to the occult. But they are often reckless, aggressive and restless.


Leo are choleric. Their mission is to achieve their own individual objectives. They are traditionally associated with creation, self-confidence, dignity, but also with fun and entertainment. They are strong, charismatic and always know what they want, and they go for it. On the other hand, their strong nature can grow into selfishness and aggression.


They tend to be mainly melancholic in nature. They like company and their objective is to channel emotions. They like peace and quiet and a cozy home, and they tend to be tidy people. They think logically and they are usually reliable and modest. Bad qualities worth mentioning include their occasional laziness. They are also very hesitant in relationships and choose a partner very carefully and with difficulty.


Similar to Virgo, they are melancholic. Traditionally, Libra are associated with social consciousness and relationships with their surroundings. Libra are charming, friendly and at the same time great diplomats and conflict solvers. However, they are often afraid of aging, of death, they want to stop time and women tend to ‘preserve’ themselves, for example through plastic surgery.


They are phlegmatic, so in many cases Scorpio is regarded are the most complicated sign of the zodiac. People born in this sign are often misunderstood and pushed to the margins of society due to their nature. Scorpio are strong, purposeful and have great self-confidence, at the same time they are very intelligent, intuitive and noble towards people around them. Their great passion often turns to jealousy and their emotions can escalate into aggression.


They can be really hotheaded. On the other hand, they are friendly, fun, and great to be around. They have a great imagination, an independent and sensitive nature, and they like comfort and good food. However, they are sometimes very irritable and do not take criticism well.


They are melancholic in nature. Capricorn are calm, prudent, systematic, pragmatic, they pursue their goals carefully with a risk of failure, but a reward of status and success. Some Capricorns can give a rather boring impression and they may have a bad influence on people around them.


Above all they are sanguine, they never spoil the fun, they like company and are usually helpful, willing and understanding. They are very tolerant and hold no prejudices against anyone. An Aquarius is a great partner - gentle, understanding, truthful. But sometimes their behavior and thinking can be considered a crazy and distant reality.


They tend to be phlegmatic in nature. Pisces is the second-most complicated sign after Scorpio, traditionally associated with mysticism, sensitivity and a deep range of emotions. Pisces tend to be very empathetic, always trying to help others in need. They are intuitive, honest, friendly and authentic. On the other hand, they can be vain, capricious, too ambitious, and craving fame, power and admiration.

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