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Past life Calculation method for finding your past life.

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What have our past lives given us? The signs of the zodiac can tell us ...


Everything good or bad we have ever done in our lives has consequences for our future existence.

Do you want to know how your previous existence is reflected in your present life, and what debts should be repaid from the past? All this can be revealed by the sign in which you were born.


Subordination, dependence on others, no life of their own. This is how those who were born under the sign of Aquarius used to live. They have brought with them the loss of their individuality into today’s life, and their mission is to finally find their own personality.


Pisces have always been very spiritually based. They bring this quality from their past lives; it develops their personality and gives it a broader perspective. However, their faith also means that they are constantly reaching for a place in the world.


Aries cope well with their past lives. There is nothing wrong with them, and that allows them to live a peaceful life, even when there are many circumstances to the contrary. They can always keep a calm head.


Taurus lived their past lives in connection with consciousness. This caused them to bear all their debts to this day. The world often seems unjust to them and they drown in their gloomy thoughts. They must realize that they are living here and now and try to wipe away their clouds.


Gemini came to this life to apply the knowledge gained in their past lives. Thanks to this, they move around the world with foresight and everything they do done well. No wonder they are great idealists and pass on their enthusiasm to others.


In their past, Cancer cared mainly for their families and loved ones, and this is the main legacy they have brought to the present. They consider it their life’s task to make sure their loved ones are secure, even at the expense of themselves.


Leos bring a great deal of debt from their past lives. It is not tied to their heart, but to their great ego. Therefore, in all that a Leo does, let them think in good faith, they always prioritizes their own interests and feelings.


Virgo is the most important sign when it comes to the legacy of their past lives. The present day Virgos sought a spiritual balance for themselves and others in their past lives . And they never stop trying to do the same today.


People born in the sign of Libra do not have much to bring from the past. They used to be arrogant and selfish. Therefore, even in their present life, they feel compelled to constantly correct their past mistakes, to help others at the expense of themselves.


No gauge of values – that’s what Scorpios have lacked in the past. In the present, they are still looking for themselves, looking for balance in life. Even if they try, they do not always succeed, which results in dissatisfaction with themselves.


A Sagittarius loves peace, quiet and privacy. They have brought these qualities from the past, when such people were neglected and considered “strange and suspicious”, so they hid from the world. Today, they no longer have to hide and have a chance to apply their nature to something beneficial.


Capricorns’ previous lives are marked by isolation due to persecution and oppression, for either religious or ideological reasons. The current task of the Capricorns is to break this isolation and make contact with today’s world.

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