Which signs will cheat on you?


The answer to the question “which of the signs are most likely to cheat on you?” is “everyone”. Before you start to panic, realize that no sign can determine how likely it is to be truly unfaithful to you. The question is which sign leads the cheating rankings.

Some signs seek excitement or want to see and experience what they are forbidden to do. Others are simply unhappy in a situation they perceive as negative and feel lonely and neglected by their partner.


Aries falls into the category of those longing for excitement. Aries are controlled by their ego, they require attention, and, therefore, they are among the complacent individuals. If they flirt a lot, it is just an expression of their current emotional needs or a test of how much attention they get. Even though it is a passionate sign, many Aries actually run away from forbidden attractions. If they consider being unfaithful, it is only if their partner does not trust them.


Taurus is known for their devotion; however, if their partner is distrustful or suspects them of cheating, then they tend to be unfaithful, similar to Aries. Taurus perceives situations where they receive little feeling, touch, and attention as being negative. Being unfaithful fills their loneliness, and the fact that such a tender and kind sign is being neglected by their partner.


For Gemini, lust is not an incentive. For this eternally distracted sign, thoughts of cheating or intimate conversation mean more than the physical act themselves. Also, when Gemini feels lonely and neglected, they rely on their soul mates to share common interests, and spend free time with them.


Cancer is a faithful sign, but they are prone to personal shortcomings, and, therefore, the motivation to cheat is not great. When in a relationship, they often become entangled in slavish, sentimental, romantic love. This sign has problems with self-esteem, and they are especially sensitive if they need to fill an empty space in their nothingness.


The passionate Leo longs for excitement. Leos also fall into the self-confident category because they need to be the center of attention. A few of them are naturally randy and think they are the best lovers in the world, and they make it clear. Leos are especially prone to middle-aged crises, they want to be charming individuals, at least twenty years younger than they really are, because they still want to feel youthful.


Virgo is another potential emotional cheater. In this case, it is not about physical, but about mental afflictions. Needless to say, people of the sign of Virgo tend to have personal shortcomings. The reason for them cheating may be that they have already tried everything to make the relationship work, and they end up finding another partner to escape their frustration.


Libras like to feel satisfied. People born of this sign have strong principles, they listen to their instincts and take commitments seriously, so they are not on the list of potential cheaters. The sign of Libra doesn’t often say “no” and may become a dangerous seducer. Libras needs love and attention. They may be subject to the idea of immortal love, so most of them do not take cheating lightly.


In terms of loyalty, the passionate and mysterious Scorpio has a bad reputation. Because of their fierce sex appeal, they are accused of cheating, whether they are or not. Scorpios fall into the category that requires constant excitement, including cheating and clandestine activities. They tend to be controlled by strong physical appetites that they are unable to keep under control. Scorpios are among the signs that like to take revenge when they are cheated on.


Sagittarius is another sign that needs excitement. They imagine that they are someone else or they think of amazing, passionate adventures that are waiting around the corner for them. With their rose-colored glasses on, they easily get into trouble when innocent flirting begins to develop into something more. If they are in a serious relationship, they panic when their flirtation becomes something serious, and they try to do the right thing and fix everything.


Capricorn’s retribution is their complacency when they feel a lack of respect and when they feel unloved. Some people born of this sign find a secret relationship immoral and, therefore, exciting. However, most Capricorns discover that their suffering prevents them from having many adventures. This is another sign that is torn apart by their feelings of guilt, and can control forbidden passions.


People born of the sign of Aquarius need a lot of attention, and they need to feel wanted. Aquarius often worries about who they are cheating on because their partners are looking for romance. Like Gemini, they become entangled in imaginary cheating or romance, instead of physically cheating.


The reason why Pisces are unfaithful is their self-confidence. Like Leos, they may be subject to a midlife crisis. When they realize that life is short, they do not want to grow up and often ask, “Where did the time go?”, and also like Scorpios, Pisces is attracted to secrets and mysterious things. Those romantics among Pisces may feel that a passionate flirtation with someone new will be their undoing.

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