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Fortune telling:
Magic Fortune Cookie Be inspired by the mysterious fortune cookie. What tells the dice? The moment of coincidence determines our future. Cosmic cards Connect with the laws of celestial mechanics! facebook

Magical sigil Concentrate your inner energy.

Magical sigil for today:

„ Every betrayal will be reflected in the direction of its designer. ”

The magic crystal ball


The crystal ball will answer any question that requires a clear answer (Yes/No).
Think of your question and click on the crystal ball...

Beware, you must ask a question you cannot answer yourself,
or a question the final options of which are equally advantageous or disadvantageous.
Eg. "Should I go to the cinema today?" or "Shall I leave earlier?".

Discuss the topic The magic crystal ball:

Anonym Reema / (15.07.20)
Will I get a reading with anything other than a 50/50 chance of being correct?

Anonym Florica / (14.07.20)
Bună ,Voi primi bani înapoi

Anonym Los / (11.07.20)
Will I be rich

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