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The Death clock


The Death clock inexorably count down the time of our life and the time that has been assessed to us is shorter second by second. If you find courage you can count the probable length of your life.

Statistic data are set for people born after 1950. The calculation for people born before this year will unfortunately be inaccurate.

Write down your date of birth and to make it more precise select as many offered options as possible (not required):

Date of birth:
More details:
Are you taking risks?:
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World perception:

Discuss the topic Death clock:
(13.01.20 / 18:04)
it says 99, while I think I'll die earlier in the 30s or something
(05.01.20 / 05:22)
It says I will live to the age of 85. Lol ima live to the age of 123 at least so i can beat dat record. When Im on deathbed, in hospital, ima walk outta there and say, ima die in at least 38 years, I know I be hella weak, but it be dam worth it
(01.01.20 / 17:25)
omg 92
(12.12.19 / 22:34)
Wow...90 years? Suprisingly-
(04.12.19 / 21:54)
Bro it said i'll live until 39! I'm not sure that's accurate....
(12.11.19 / 21:30)
It said that I will probably die on 5.11.2094 in the age of 86. OMG!!! Now I know! Im 11 and I thought I would die in a couple of days by suiside! DAMN
(29.09.19 / 11:31)
Im 79 can it be true