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„ Every betrayal will be reflected in the direction of its designer. ”

The prophecy of thrown dice


The moment of coincidence often determines our future.
These three thrown dice can inspire you.

» Stop the dices «

The modern day cubical dice originated in China and have been dated back as early as 600 b.c. The variation of the dice was found even in the ancient Egyptian tombs. They seem to be popular everywhere and in one form or another around the world.

Using dice as a means of predicting the future is likely to have evolved from lottery divination. At that time vertebrae or ankle bones of sheep were used to divine. These bones then had four symbols by which people attempted to discover the secrets of their future.

Discuss the topic Dices:

OMG / (03.04.20)

Heís a player / (18.02.20)
So I asked to be told something I donít know it says I have an powerful enemy I say who cares. Itís ridiculous I have PTSD and was raped. Why should The life support bother if life is all bad.

Heís a player / (18.02.20)
Dice said he is not good in my eyes and itís true he never cared at least he never told me and I donít read minds after all this time he can forget it it seems ridiculous if he were to tell me he cares

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