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The prophecy of thrown dice


The dices are: 3+4+5 = 12

Question (by Numerology and Tarot)

In Tarot, number 12 is a Hanged man. He lives on the border between the real and spiritual life. Number 12 itself is a comprehensive number that closes the earlier frequently used dozen. It is also a big combination of two numbers. A combination of number 1, meaning solitude and loneliness, and number 2, meaning a company. This ambiguity unfortunately means that the answer to your question is very uncertain and ambiguous.

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Do not listen to gossip and make your own opinion about the person you love.
Not always everything that is said is true.


In the nearest future your financial situation will improve a bit and you will succumb to profligacy and spend money on silly things.
But, why not to make yourself happy for once?


You are constantly in a vicious circle.
Try to think first before you actually try to escape from it.


It is perfect time to improve your shape and appearance.
You may appreciate an active holiday.

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