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A lucky four-leaf clover


Do you believe in luck thanks to a four-leaf clover? If yes, look for it :)

A lucky four-leaf cloverI haven´t found it and I will have bad luck but I want to see where it is!

If you find a four-leaf clover, you do not have anything further to solve, you are lucky!

Discuss the topic A lucky four-leaf clover:
(16.11.19 / 02:25)
need some help someone is getting in personal and financial affairs
need luck soon
(15.11.19 / 07:56)
I have found it thrice let's see where it works in resolving my issues or not
(14.10.19 / 19:16)
My wish is my love will unblock me soon from messenger and his phone.
(11.10.19 / 22:56)
I found it four times in 4 different attempts - let's see if my current dearest wish comes true.
(11.10.19 / 04:44)
I wish my love will propose me again and come back to me.
(08.10.19 / 15:36)
I wish both deals would done and be successful...AMEN
(06.10.19 / 02:12)
Will my lover come back to me