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Geomancy has come through various changes since it originated. It originally dealt with the life of ground or sand. In the ancient time prophets assumed that ground is living. They drew a circle on the ground and they cast sones in it or they drew random marks on the ground from which they later predicted the future.

Our version comes from ancient Rome and uses stone throwing on a board with eight holes. Combining the filled pits will form the resulting symbol.


throw stones

The prophecies come in these variants:

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Anonym Anonymous / (15.06.22)
Fortune, fame, and success

Anonym Fate / (30.05.22)
My blessed one, your life will become brighter and more joyous in wonderful ways you cannot yet imagine, and sooner than you think.

Anonym / (23.05.22)
My life will change unexpectedly and by miracle amen and so mote it be

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Geomancy Future reading from geomantic symbols.

Magical sigil for today:

„ Everything negative will leave me alone. ”

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