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„ The people from my neighborhood will stop keeping secrets. ”

Numerology - Hand of Fatima


The hand of Fatima will show your nature, character and abilities according to the numeric value (your own number) of your name under which you are known.

It is used to select the right name for your child or for you if you want to change your name. It is useful when you want to select a professional name or a pseudonym as according to the hand of Fatima you can select a name the vibrations of which will ensure you happiness.

The hand of Fatima shows areas where we can find happiness or where it is still necessary to overcome weak points. It can also show the options of a successful life and future prospects.

You can also calculate numbers of different names under which other people know you, diminutives of a first name or a nickname. Women can find out what effect the change of their surname will have upon them after their wedding.

Hand of Fatima

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