Cyclic horoscope - period of awakening


The forces of nature, and especially of the incoming dominion of the sun, have a big impact on people born at this time. Everything that rested in a gloomy winter time comes back to life. Therefore people born in this period are bearers of fresh life force and vitality. They abound of energy, they are ambitious and enterprising. Their extrovert, courageous and adaptable personality predestines them to action.

These people trust in themselves, they are self-confident or even headstrong and they are capable of fast orientation and of a prompt decision. They are not afraid to say their opinion and they are able to make other people participate on their decisions. They may be quite impulsive and they sometimes make hasty decisions. If a new project emerges on the horizon they often lose interest in the original one. They have a very little sense of compromise and cooperation. They are optimistic and they deal with their failures easily. However, people born in this perios should avoid excessive self-importance because they might get too selfish, arrogant and vain which can prevent them from reaching success and recognition. They tend to focus only on the present and they forget about the past and the future. They do not care about the consequences of their acting. Their biggest problem is that they subject to dissillusion and bitterness easily.

They are not experts on other people, they are too trusting therefore they are often taken advantage of. They prefer occupations associated with some risk in fields such as medicine, electronics, journalism, military and sport.

People born in this period have a huge fantasy and they use it in their occupation and in love. If they are in love they are flaming, passionate and loyal. However, in a marriage they tend to be bossy, they try to push through their point of view and they like taking the initiative. They are possessive, jealous and their sometimes uncontrollable temper can hurt their partner. They should be more tactful and objective. Life with these people will never be boring.

When it comes to health, people born in this period are associated with the head, brain in particular. They can suffer from headaches, migraines and mental disorders caused by stress. These problems are a warning sign that they should not live so intensively. They should follow the nature where the activity alternates with the rest.

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