Cyclic horoscope - period of deep sleep


The tenth sign penetrates to the heart of winter. The nature is quiet and everything is asleep. This period is associated with the winter solstice when the sun – the light of our life – is slowly returning to us. People who want to live in the darkness must be strong. People born in this period are ambitious, persistent and practical. They devote a lot of their energy to reach their goals. They are reliable, imaginative, strong-willed and they strive for perfection. A word as well as a deed have the same importance to them, thus they keep their promise. They hate carelessness, laziness and sloppiness.

These people are able to work long and tirelessly. They are willing to give up all their pleasures and accept strong conditions to reach their goals. However, they have difficulties with dealing with unexpected complications and problems. In this case they should not pass their melancholy and disappointment on the others. Their weakest point is that they tend to lack courage and hope for better future. They should have a more positive point of view and believe that tomorrow will be better.

These people are diligent, thorough and they have organizational skills. They can choose from a large variety of jobs. They are addicted on work and every day they have to approach success otherwise they get withdrawn and stubborn. They have an ability to make a compromise and they can make their colleagues perform their tasks as well as possible. The most suitable jobs for them are in the banking, commerce, agriculture and army. They can reach success and lawyers or politicians.

People born in this period crave for security and long-lasting relationships. They do not tend to have short love affairs and flings. In their case the proverb „Haste makes waste“ is true. Their deep feelings evolve very slowly and they are emotionaly very vulnerable. In a relationship they are devoted and they care about ther partner a lot. They rarely express their feelings in public but in an intimate environment they are passionate lovers.

These people usually have a good health and a strong physique. They can bear a lot more than others under the same conditions but they often suffer from nervousness and allergies. The causes of their problems are of a mental origin.

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