Cyclic horoscope - period of silence


The eleventh period of the year is characterized by a central, quiet winter phase. According to old sayings the earth is cleansing itself - before the nature comes to life again, before we feel the first rays of the sun and before everything starts to grow again. The fresh air has a stimulating effect.

People born in this period are very active, sensitive, dynamic and unconventional. They love everything new and prejudices and taboos are completely foreign to them. They often switch from one thing to another therefore they needlessly waste their energy which they are later missing. They are also dreamers with big plans and romantic visions which are often unrealistic and impracticable. When making their decisions they are intolerant and stubborn. They are bright and original, unrestrained, self-sacrificing but also rebellious. They live an active and interesting life. They are adaptable but as soon as they are too restricted they feel depressed. They hate any form of forced obedience. They prefer open, clear and equal inter-personal relations. They crave for self-improvement and they are demanding not only to themselves but also to the others. Other people can rely on their opinion because they can give good advice.

They are creative people with great communicational skills. They are able to succeed in every occupation. They often take part in humanitarian projects and social work. Suitable jobs for them are a teacher, a doctor, an archaelogist, an electrician, a science worker. They are usually capable managers and organizers and they have a great artistic talent.

In the emotional area they might have problems. They can be very passionate but also cold. They long for a perfect partner and they consider themselfes perfect partners as such. They tend to idealize their partner, they are not jealous but they cannof forgive infidelity. They usually choose one partner for their life.

They have an average health. Most of the people prefer a healthy lifestyle and they see their general practitioner for a regular check-up. If they get ill they can suffer from insomnia and loss of appetite. The most affected spots are the calves, the feet (be careful about injuries), the blood circulation. To prevent health problems they should often stay on fresh air and change their environment from time to time.

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