Cyclic horoscope - period of renewal


This period belongs to the end of the winter and it is the last phase of the year cycle. The nature is seemingly asleep but we can feel the growing power of the sun. In this period we speak about equinoxes – the days are as long as the nigts. A new life gradually emerges. This period is as a bridge between two abysses – between the rise of the forces of nature that enable new life, and a fall to the darknessand death. It is a period of great changes – death and rebirth. These two strong forces of nature have a great impact on people born in this period. They try to find inner balance but they usually fail. They are sensitive and perceptive people who do not know how to deal with the practical part of everyday life. They are sympathetic, hearty and generous. Even if they have problems they are able to help people in need. They keep a certain distance from other people because they are a bit distrustful. They rarely reveal their secrets and troubles. They have a great self-control. They have their pride and they do not want to be pitied in any case. They react to criticism too sensitively and they take it too seriously. They have infallible instincts which enable them foresee the intentions of other people therefore it is not easy to outwit them. They trust more to their own feelings rather then other people´s experience.

These people need a job that will suit their nature. Then they are very hardworking, flexible and they have a lot of energy and vitality. They always finish what they start. They have a great sense of empathy. They are successful in social work, they are good caretakers and they often have an artistic talent.

They love the feeling that somebody sincerely loves them. People born in this period are very sensitive and they give free rein to their emotions. They are easily vulnerable therefore they need a perceptive partner. They expect loyality and devotedness from their partner.

These people are sensitive to weather changes and they react to the lunar phase most of all people. They have an increased sensitivity to medication. They love good food therefore they can be overweight and they might suffer from problems associated with it. They sometimes try to solve their personal problems with excessive consumption of food. Their weakest points are the limbs – they often suffer from swelling or rheumatism. To keep them fit they should learn moderation and they should not forget about regular rest and sleep. It is essential to go to the nature more frequently and they should do an undemanding sport.

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