Cyclic horoscope - period of growth


After the first breeze of spring the buds start to bloom, life forces reincarnate and take roots to ensure the ascent of sap and acquisition of shapes. It is a sign of the Earth dense, fertile and full of nutritious pastures. People of this period were born during the full spring in a period when the nature abounds with new growth and it is blooming. The life-giving sun has a great impact on these people. Its energy enables them to reach great success. However, if there is too much of this energy, people can get self-conceited and aggressive.

People of the spring are predestined to succeed. If they want to do something, they are usually very decisive and obstinate on their way to success. They long for changes, they are adaptable and in extreme situations they show a surprising amount of ingenuity. Their main propulsion power is ambitiousness whether they crave for food, drink, social status or money. They cannot predict and they like simplicity. They have a calm temper, they are patient, rarely impulsive and they seldom get furious. Their other qualities are pragmatism and a strong will.

Just as the nature, people born in this period long for a growth both in the spiritual and material area. Thus they are usually very materialistic and sometimes abnormally possessive and unscrupulous when going for their goal. Their good qualities are diligence and stamina. They usually look for occupations which give them satisfaction and sufficient remuneration. They may succeed in the business area, banking, scientific research and art.

When it comes to love people born in this period are voluptuos, exciting, considerate and attentive. They are entertaining and popular companions. At the first sight they sometimes seem provocative but they long for a fulfilling, harmonic relationship. They are usually loyal and devoted but their partners should not provoke them to jealousy in any case.

We can certainly envy these people their health. However, they refuse to take any care of it. If they get ill the main cause is their self-indulgence they love eating and drinking. This can lead to kidney, liver and heart problems. Their vulnerable spot is the neck or rather the musous membrane which is often endangered with infection. Other organs prone to disease are the uterus in women and the bladder in men.

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