Cyclic horoscope - period of long days


This is the first summer sign. The fertility begins. The sun begins its downward cycle after the summer solstice. The days get shorter. Therefore it is the first omen of the night and lunar attributes – dreaminess, apathy, passivity, receptivity, a longing soul and a chimera. This period belongs to hot summer – that is to its first phase when the days are longest and the nights are shortest. In a human life this can be compared to the transformation of a child into an adult when the acquired knowledge and findings start being used in everyday life.

People born in this period are emotional, gentle and romantic. Their life is a neverending stream of feelings and emotions which resembles storm torrents, so frequent in this time of the year. They abound with huge imagination and fantasy, they are big dreamers and they often plunge into troubles. If their problems recur they escape to dreams more frequently and as a consequence they subject to an urealistic future world. They are sentimental and very dependent on their past, their memories and their childhood.

These people are hypersensitive and easily vulnerable. Even the slightest injustice, disappointment or rejection causes them a feeling of self-pity. In these situations they think that nobody loves them and that they cannot handle anything. If these states last too long they can get seriously ill. They are moody but tender, caring, considerate, passionate, impulsive and compassionate. They take other people΄s problems as their own. They put their home above all. It provides them a safe shelter against the outside world. They have a developed maternal/paternal instinct and they are very loving, attentive and sometimes too caring.

These people get a maximum satisfaction in occupations where they can take care of ill people, children, in the art, banking and business. They are accurate and hardworking. For their further development they need to have fulfilling job.

When it comes to love they are very selective and they take their time when choosing their partner. If they give their heart to someone their love is honest. Only in their partner΄s arms they feel safe and secure. They are tender and attentive lovers. They usually choose a partner with a stronger personality who provides them necessary support and confidence.

Their health depends on the sufficient amount of rest. Thanks to their good physique they recover from an illness easily but they are sensitive to pain. Their most vulnerable spot is the digestive tract, especially the stomach. Even the slightest diet mistake causes them unpleasant health problems.

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