Cyclic horoscope - period of ripening


People of this period were born in the peak summer. It is the hottest moment of the summer time. The sun shines very intensively and its rays enable the fruits ripe. The sun is the central point of the vital energies. Thus it is understandable that people born in this period are given creativity. Warm Southern winds also bring huge power and vitality which predestines them to be able to deal with difficult tasks.

People born in this period have a natural authority and are naturally self-confident. They are warm, open and proud people, born individualists with a strong will to win. They love being admired as well as they love the feeling of self-esteem. They are creative and they never follow pre-tested and proven ways. Their ambition is sometimes excessive but it has a realistic basis. These people like richness and a high living standard. When things go wrong they never let others know that they need their help or sympathy.

They get carried away with their feelings very easily. They are impulsive which leads to frequent disputes with people around them. They have an extraordinary organizational sense, they are not mean and they hate averageness. Their negative quality is their excessive vanity, therefore they become victims of flattery and pretense. They should learn to control their emotions.

They succeed in a wide range of occupations. They usually gain most success in leading positions, television, journalism, advertisement, art, politics, psychology and army. br>
They need a lot of love. They are very passionate and sensitive lovers. Men take a good care of the family but they cannot stand an independent partner who fully works on her own career. They express their feelings passionately and they expect their proper reciprocation. They are jealous and they expect loyalty and fidelity.

People of this sign have a very good health. If they have health problems they are usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, overwork and stress. They do not accept any limits and they perform tasks at full speed. In an older age they can suffer from cardiac problems because of that. Because of the fact that they often get overworked they are predisposed to wound their back or limbs. They are endowed with a long and fertile life, though.

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