Cyclic horoscope - period of harvesting


Harvesting period is the last summer sign. The culmination of the sun is followed by the phase of retreat. It is a period of ripe spikes and harvested crop, that must be sorted and stored. However, before they can celebrate and harvest fruits of their skills, talent and hard work, people of this period must work on themselves a lot.

People born in this period are precise, diligent, modest and considerate. At the first sight they look reserved, they keep a distance and they do not want to interfere in other people΄s lives. It is not easy to make friends with them therefore they are often lonely. They are willing to help their friends and colleagues but their heartiness and generosity is often taken advantage of. They do not like sudden and dramatic changes and in their life they need peace, security and harmony.

They have a natural sense for detail, they may sometimes be too accurate. It sometimes happens to them that they cannot see a forest for the trees – they miss the main point. They are diligent, strong-willed and they often rely on their own strength. They are not able to slow down and relax. They are caring, sometimes too critical and prudent. They are careful and conservative people who deliberate not only their work and tasks but also they everyday situations, consequences of their acting and every future deed. It is mainly because they want to avoid all risks and difficulties.

These people΄s greatest power is to deal with difficult and complicated problems. They do not like hard, monotonous work. They prefer diversity. The most suitable jobs are those that require precision and reliability, such as a watchmaker, a chemist, an accountant, a librarian etc. Money, success and fame are not as important as knowing that they have performed their task well. They should not avoid collective work because they unfortunately sometimes rely only on their own strength.

These people have difficulties to express their feelings. They seem to be indifferent and ignoring thererfore they are sometimes misunderstood. To have a stable relationship they need a lot of patience and heartiness. Only then they will be loyal and devoted. If they are in love they are tender, attentive and unforgettable lovers, however, they sometimes tend to moralize. A stable family background is very important for them. They are not able to reconcile with their partner΄s cheating and they often solve the situation with a breakup.

Their health problems usually result from their mental strain. They occupy themselves with problems too much and they worry about petty things. They often suffer from stomach and intestinal problems. If they manage to relieve their inner tension they will be able to deal with problems more easily. If they remember a healthy diet they will be in a good health condition.

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