Cyclic horoscope - period of falling leaves


It is the first sign of autumn and of the night phase. The last rays of the sun are covered with dark, heavy clouds. In this cloudy period the life forces are decreasing significantly. With this period of falling leaves a period of long sleep comes. This period will last until the spring arrives. People born in this period must draw their life force from their inner resources and not from the continually deteriorating and inhospitable surroundings. These people are tireless, thoughtful, strong-willed and decisive. Thus they are able to hide their inner insecurity. They long for harmony and if something disturbes this harmony they find it offending. They have a sense of justice and they can only accept the „golden mean“.

They hate disputes, violence, injustice, chaos and noisy and rude individuals. They usually get on well with everybody therefore they are often accused of hypocrisy and falseness. They are very sociable, they surround themselves with friends and when they are alone they feel depressed. They can critically evaluate their appraised attitudes and in case of their failure they rather give up than try harder. They never lose courage and they are able to recover from every loss or defeat.

People born in this period lack prowess, determination and ability to make quick decisions. Quick decisions destroy them – they prefer moderate communication. Their strengths are tactfulness and diplomacy, honesty and kindness. As they know the value of their work their expectations are very high and they expect appropriate appreciation. In supervising positions they act democratically and they prefer cooperation to subordination. They need a job where they can meet a lot of people. They stand out in negotiating, architecture, engineering, mechanics, etc. They have a strong esthetic sense and artistic talent.

When it comes to love people born in this period are very romantic. They constantly look for the right partner which give the impression that they are fickle. They get enamoured very easily but they are also very vulnerable. They are tender and kind and they would do anything not to be lonely.

These people have a good health. Their biggest problem is an abundance of food and drink and lack of exercise.They often have a problem with their kidneys, spine and muscles in the lower part of their back.

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Period of falling leaves

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