Cyclic horoscope - period of first frosts


Autumn tones are turning brown and black. A pessimistic rainy weather is changing into first frosts and snow. The nature is lying down to a long sleep. It is the gateway to the depths of existence and to the mysterious beyond. People born in this period are persistent, creative and strong-willed. They have a vivid imagination, bright thinking and good judgement and they abound with ideas. They sometimes get too extreme. On one hand they can be very sensitive, generous, childly naive and tolerant, on the other hand they are mean, critical and intolerant. They dislike expressing their feelings even to their beloved and they often give an impression of mysterious and cold people. Whatever they do they do it to the full. They have an incredible ability of recovery therefore they recover from the strokes of fate easily and they do not subject to pessimism. It is very difficult to foresee their reaction and it is possible they do not know it themselves. They can masterly hide their feelings.

These people are extremely curious and if they are interested in something or someone they make a lot of efforts to get to know what they need. Their negative characteristics are vengefulness and jealousy. They sometimes tend to be stubborn and they never forget if someone insults them. They often have a sharp tongue and they try to have the last word.

If they want to reach fulfilment they need an inspiring and creative occupation. They are successful especially in those occupations which they can internally identify with themselves and where they can take a full advantage of their abilities. They are born for superior positions. Even though they are be demanding bosses they are be very popular among the subordinates. They stand out in jobs related to research, science, medicine, judiciary, arts, commerce and finance.

They are deeply emotionally minded and they need other people show them affection. If they get the right motivation they will do anything for their partner. They have a strong sex drive and they passionately indulge to love. They are sometimes stubborn and jealous.

People born in this period are susceptible to stress and they often have peptic ulcers and intestinal problems. They sometimes suffer from mental disorders and genital organs diseases. They should maintain their health by means of active rest and regular sleep.

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