Cyclic horoscope - period of long nights


This period represents the first part of the autumn. A human can feel the last influence of the sun and the nature has finally got ready for a long winter sleep. People born in this period are thoughtful and sensitive. Their greatest strength is imagination, common sense and sense of humour. They have a clear, direct and undistorted perception of the world. They are hardworking, they have big plans and they rarely go astray. They take life from the better side and they have a big influence on their surroundings. They are happy in every new situation and they enjoy every new experience. They love travelling and adventure which they take as a liberation from everyday stereotype. They have their own way of thinking (logic is not at the forefront) and they have an ability to deal with a failure or defeat easily and in a short while they are as reborn. They are people of extraordinary acts, exceptional destiny and unexpected situations.

They are active, sociable, open and sincere people. They sometimes unintentionally hurt other people with their sincerity. Even though they are extrovert they sometimes need to hide in the corner and think. Reliability, precision and accuracy are not their strengths.

They are extremely manually skilled but they do not like monotonous activity. Therefore they choose diverse multifaceted jobs, often associated with some risk. They need to feel freedom and independence. Making money is a life necessity but the more comfortable money-making is, the happier they are. They are able to accept wisdom and they like passing it on therefore there are a lot of teachers and instructors among these people.

People born in this period love flirting. They are romantic and passionate lovers. They subconsciously resist stable and long-lasting relationships that may reveal their vulnerability. They are rarely jealous and they prefer a free relationship.

An unhealthy lifestyle, excessive eating and drinking have a significant impact on their health. Kidneys, lungs and the alimentary canal are their vulnerable spot. They are often overweight. If they are too busy they can suffer from nerve exhaustion.

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