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Animal horoscope


Animal characterization based on the zodiac sign:

Is your lizard feeling down? Is your cobra in a bad mood? Does your dog avoid visitors? Does your cat guard you so closely that he/she would die for you?
Knowledge of your pet´s zodiac sign will enable you understand his/her personality. Are you not sure about his/her date of birth? Nevermind. At least you can try to guess it on the basis of the description that will suit best.

Aries        ( 21.March-20.April )
Taurus        ( 21.April-21.May )
Gemini        ( 22.May-21.June )
Cancer        ( 22.June-22.July )
Leo        ( 23.July-23.August )
Virgo        ( 24.August-23.September )
Libra        ( 24.September-23.October )
Scorpio        ( 24.October-22.November )
Sagittarius        ( 23.November-21.December )
Capricorn        ( 22.December-20.January )
Aquarius        ( 21.January-19.February )
Pisces        ( 20.February-20.March )

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