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Aquarius - horoscope 2019


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You will feel strong pressure in 2019 which will affect all aspects of your life. Gather all your strength and energy and face everything that attacks you at a full blast. If you are not sure what to do you listen to your inner voice. Express your opinion without being afraid of the reaction of others and take the chance that emerges on your horizon. Who knows? Maybe just this chance will lead you to your dream success. Jupiter will help you find your ambitions and life ideals. Saturn will show your creativity and talent. However, you must prepare yourself for a considerable amount of loneliness and helplessness which you may expect at the end of the year.


Your professional life will be the same as in the past few years – without major complications. You are standing in front of a big task. You have to acquire a lot of knowledge and experience which will be demanded by your superiors in the second half of the year. It is necessary to mobilize all your energetic reserves to be able to climb up the career ladder. Stay calm and go on with your creative activity.


During the year 2019 your love life will be much more stable and peaceful. However, nothing can be only good and you will have to face minor problems that will cause you unpleasant feelings. Your friends will play a major role in this difficult period. They will support you and they will help you deal with problems. At the end of the first half of the year you may expect a great coincidence that will bring to your life a person that will definitely become an integral part of your future.

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