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„ I will get new friends. ”

Daily horoscope - Aquarius / day 22.8.2019


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Today (22.8.)

Try not to be arrogant at work today, even though you are sure that your decision you made in the particular situation is right. It is more than probable that you are right but it is not essential to persuade your colleagues so urgently about that. During the day you may have to face unexpected events and you will find out that someone is playing with your emotions. Beware of people who would like to stir up your feelings.

Tomorrow (23.8.)

Such a strange day as it is today is not usual. You will think that you do not know what you want. Do you feel like travelling to the other side of the globe? People will not understand you and you may feel that explaining your feelings to them is worthless. The best solution is to leave ordinary things behind and go for a walk. You have nothing to lose.
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