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Zodiac Signs and Meanings - Aquarius


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Libras are often referred to as the most suitable partners for a relationship of two people, while Aquarius is the basic building block of the society. People of this sign represent social discourse, the process of expressing the social status and the energy used for that.
The mission of Aquarius is to guarantee sufficient response to social needs. People of this sign are traditionally associated with science, geniality, art, but also politics, revolutions and humanity.

Period of Aquarius (70 - 77 years)
The remarkable ideas of this sign are considered senile ravings – the man is too distant from the reality and is too exhausted to try to explain how things are again and again.

Aquarius 21 January – 1 February - under the influence of Venus
They are shy, gentle, melancholic, tender in love

Aquarius 2 February – 12 February - under the influence of Mercury
They are clever, sensible, moral, ambitious, they have a sense of humour

Aquarius 12 February – 20 February - under the influence of the Moon
They are introvert, humble, sensitive, truthful, incorruptable and pleasant

Suitable precious stone:

Element : Air
Dynamics : fixed
Ruler : Saturn a Uranium
Sign: airy, cold
Nature: sanquinic
Lucky years: 21-26, 40-45
Compatible with: Gemini, Libra
Correlated colour: grey
Correlated metal: lead
Inferior part of the body: shanks, arteries, ankles
Sign stone: aquamarine, chrysocolla, jasper, obsidian, topaz, turqouise, opal, fluoride, sapphire, sodalite
Lucky numbers: 3, 9, 15, 45
Lucky day: Saturday
Lucky flower: fern
Spiritual protector: Demeter
Pleasant scent: poppy
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