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Zodiac Signs and Meanings - Aries


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Aries represent the principle of will and the process of being. Traditional astrologers speak about a Ram but as I consider this sign very productive and highly dynamic, I take the word Ram almost as an insult.
The task of Aries is to awake the first glimpse of consciousness, the feeling of ego. They are traditionally associated with courage, initiative, enthusiasm, etc. Their cyclic importance arises from the fact that it really starts at the moment of the vernal equinox – at the moment of balancing the forces of the day and night.

Aries period – childhood up to 7 years
A period of the most intense development of their self.

Aries March 21 – March 31 - under the influence of Mars
Bold nature, strong, aggressive, undisciplined, they tend to gamble and they are impulsive in love

Aries April 1 – April 11 - under the influence of the Sun
Proud, noble, honest, generous and daring, they are bossy and they are able to overcome obstacles

Aries April 12 – April 20 - under the influence of Venus
Passionate and tender nature, agile and impulsive, they lovemusic and fine arts.

Suitable precious stone:

Element : Fire
Dynamics: cardinal
Ruler : Mars
Sign : fiery
Nature : choleric
Lucky years : 15-18, 30-38
Compatibility with : Leo, Sagittarius
Correlated colour: fiery
Correlated metal : iron
Inferior part of the body: head, brain, eyes, nose
Sign stone : chalcedony, ruby, carnelian, jasper, coral, hematite, agate
Lucky numbers : 5, 25, 65, 325
Lucky day : Thursday
Lucky flower : heather
Spiritual protector : Hera
Pleasant scent : heather
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