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People born between August 22 and September 21 are called "Bears". They are influenced by the earth element (stability, rational approach, order, self-discipline) and they are ruled by the Southern wind (affection, perception, empathy). A bear is seen as a clumsy, heavy and lazy animal. However, the Indians knew the life of it very well. For them a bear was a symbol of agility, speed, strength, peace and deliberation.

They perceived people born in the sign of Bear in the same way. They are not individuals longing for life in a group. They can take care of themselves and they do not need other people to do so. They are self-reliant and independent. They know they can rely on themselves. They are convinced about their own skills and virtues. They think that only they themselves are able to handle the task. Because of that they must do everything on their own (which is their fault) and they have to work much harder. They have a practical and reasonable approach to their tasks and to the life. They prefer planning things before they carry them out.

They do not like unexpected surprises and coincidences which life brings. If they have to react immediately their decisions are not very effective. They unfortunately lack flexible skills and they are uncertain. Before they set off on a journey they have to study the map first. They think of the advantages and disadvantages, they prepare the basis and they suggest a procedure and a solution. In the front line there has to be someone more "go-ahead" someone who gets on well with adrenaline better than a Bear. Bears just cannot take advantage of their skills and virtues. They outwardly appear to be very critical people. They are very detail-oriented. It does not make them very popular.

They enter to a relationship with a discretion. They do not mind living on their own and they take their time before they get married. However, when they do get married their home is full of love and warmth. They are devoted, loyal and responsible to their loved ones. The only problem is their "hobby" to criticize others. It can sometimes be helpful but who would love to be constantly scolded for trivialities?

Be tolerant, bears! Learn to praise even though you know that you would do things better and more precisely. Realize you need help of others. You cannot manage everything on your own. Do not be afraid of life you can damage your health. There is always someone who is willing to help you.

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