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Indian horoscope - Beaver


People born between April 20 and May 20 are called "Beavers". These people are influenced by the element of earth (stability, rational approach, order, self-discipline), they are ruled by the Eastern wind (self-discipline, intuition, learning). Beavers love safety and security. They stand firm on the ground and they are typical realistic people. They are masters of everyday life. They are wise people. Beavers purposefully build a good quality house which stands on solid ground. Their house stands aside and only invited people can come in.

They are constantly in motion. They have a clear plan, a specific vision and they are able to plan their future well. They approach their goal step by step and they achieve one goal after another. Nothing should be hurried. Everything must stand on solid ground. Neverending activity and painstaking work bring their fruit. After some time it is not an invisible burrow where Beavers live. It becomes an opulent villa and later a palace which is constantly being expanded and improved. Thanks to their thriftiness, diligence and practicality they are well-prepared for life. They can handle resources effectively. A lair of such an individual may hide many treasures. They are the complete opposite of people who carelessly waste money. Beavers are generous and they are willing to help people in need.

However, nothing is for free. "Come and help and I will reward you", they say. Truth, nothing in life is perfectly idyllic. So are Beavers whose life is not as easy as they imagined. For small things they sometimes overlook big things. They stick to their plan and they meticulously fulfil every established condition and they often miss an opportunity that is coming. It is just that they perform every task thoroughly and they do not want to leave it unfinished – even though they have a much more profitable opportunity. They may be afraid.

In fact, they constantly have to think of back door and they cannot take risks – A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. It is sometimes more comfortable, too, right? We can see indolence and passivity especially in those people who are excessively dependent on the safety of their home. It may seem that the first and the second paragraph are somewhat contradictory but they are just different sides of one coin – as you might have noticed – they stem from the same needs. There is not only one way to satisfy them. Therefore we recognize Beavers-workaholics on one side and Beavers-homebodies on the other one.

They both ensure themselves security and safety in their own way. Where are YOU standing? They have a similar approach to love and relationship. Slowly. Nothing should be rushed. First we need firm foundations. After that we can proceed. They are able to provide family background and family warmth. They look at the world through conservative and "materialistic" glasses. There might be something between heaven and earth and they cannot see it. They may be missing something or they may be right. They must find out themselves. Therefore, Beavers-workaholics, you should learn to relax from time to time and blow the town red. You should take your life easy. There is not only work in your life!

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