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Cancer in love according to the horoscope


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For Cancers senses are the most important thing when it comes to love. They are tender and gentle and they try to show their sensibility to their lovers without any worries or ulterior motives.

They prefer a partner who understands them perfectly.

A superficial or excesively ambitious counterpart is not suitable for Cancers. They prefer somebody with similar qualities and desires. Cancers are loyal partners, they love children and they need a partner for life.

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(20.01.20 / 04:38)
My guy loves money money money. Well wrong for me ugh what to do after 30 yrs
(11.01.20 / 13:20)
Am I in love with the right man?
(10.01.20 / 23:24)
Does my man truely loves me...or is he with me because of my money?